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What are Suffix number plates?

Suffix number plates were introduced in 1963 as a means of broadening the number of possible numberplate combinations which could be issued to motorists.

As the "dateless" system began to run out of combinations it was decided that by adding an extra letter at the end of a number plate (a suffix) that not only could the amount of possible number plate combinations be increased- but also this suffix character could be used to identify the year of registration - and thus - the age of the vehicle.

How much are they worth?

Suffix number plate values can vary quite dramatically. Similar to Irish number plates; there are many combinations of little or no value which are used as "cover" plates

As with most other number plates- the general rule that the fewer the characters- the more valuable the plate- sticks. Suffix number plates with 7 digits tend to be worth far less than those with 5.

There are a select few "perfect combinations" available with Suffix number plates - two such examples would be CRA1G and COL1N

Who buys suffix number plates?

Suffix number plates are favoured by those with classic cars as they are unable to transfer newer number plates to older vehicles.

In addition to this; number plate collectors and dealers favour the higher quality combinations as a safe bet and an investment.

Famous / expensive Suffix number plates

Many names can be spelt perfectly in the suffix number plate format- here is a selection: