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Prefix number plate dates

Prefix number plates are the reversal of the suffix number plate system.

With each letter identifying the year of registration, the prefix number plate system also formed the beginnings of DVLA select and the role of DVLA retailing number plates to the public.

It was the prefix number plate system which saw the move from issuing new registrations once a year- to twice a year.

With the end of the S series in Feb 1999- the UK would no longer have one new registration letter each year- but two.

AAug '83 to July '84A123 ABC
BAug '84 to July '85B123 ABC
CAug '85 to July '86C123 ABC
DAug '86 to July '87D123 ABC
EAug '87 to July '88E123 ABC
FAug '88 to July '89F123 ABC
GAug '89 to July '90G123 ABC
HAug '90 to July '91H123 ABC
JAug '91 to July '92J123 ABC
KAug '92 to July '93K123 ABC
LAug '93 to July '94L123 ABC
MAug '94 to July '95M123 ABC
NAug '95 to July '96N123 ABC
PAug '96 to July '97P123 ABC
RAug '97 to July '98R123 ABC
SAug '98 to Feb '99S123 ABC
TMarch '99 to Aug '99T123 ABC
VSept '99 to Feb 2000V123 ABC
WMarch 2000 to Aug 2000W123 ABC
XSept 2000 to Feb 2001X123 ABC
YMarch 2001 to Aug 2001Y123 ABC