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Unique URL

A unique URL means that your advert has its very own web address for example:
Your number plate is: A1ABC
Your unique URL is:

Placing an advert with is a great way to get your number plate seen and have a good chance of finding a buyer quickly.

What is a URL?

A URL is simply an address on the internet.

Why have a unique URL?

Having a unique web address for each advert on the Number Plate Classifieds website has a number of benefits when trying to sell a number plate.

The two main advantages are the ability to "post" this link in forums and elsewhere online- this brings potential buyers to one place- your advert.

It's also easier to tell potential buyers the web address rather than simply "it's advertised with Number Plate Classifieds" as a potential buyer may not find your plate

Social networking

If you find yourself on Myspace or Facebook- you can easily "post" the link to your advert or email if to friends. Every little helps when trying to sell your number plate!

In the age of the internet it's worth posting adverts in as many places as possible to increase your visibility- if you paste your unique URL into these adverts then you know that all prospective buyers will see your number plate, it's picture and description and it saves you from re writing such information should you choose to advertise in other places on the internet.