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Number plate spotlight

Premier number plate adverts benefit from the number plate spotlight, a random selection of reg plates which appear on the Number Plate Classifieds homepage as well as all the premier listings on the site - and change each time the page is loaded.

The number plate spotlight also displays "wanted" number plate adverts - with so many plates for sale and so many people searching for their ideal plate- the number plate spotlight increases your chances of being seen.

How can the numberplate spotlight help you

85% of traffic to the Number Plate Classifieds website lands at the homepage. The number plates which appear in the spotlight are then seen by this many people.

For those which reach the website via our extensive cherished plate information/pages- each page of the website now displays from 2 to 10 number plate spotlight adverts which again increases the visibility of your number plate advert.

Even with keyword searching, categories and our countless other tools- there is no substitute for this level of exposure.

How can I see the number plate spotlight

If you look at the right hand of this very screen you will see the number plate spotlight- refresh the page (press F5) and they change randomly.

How do you get in the number plate spotlight

Only Premier adverts will appear in the spotlight. It is an entirely random process and different plates are displayed each time the Number Plate Classifieds homepage is loaded.

Be sure to upgrade your advert to Premier to take advantage of this excellent feature- find out more about it here: premier reg plate adverts.