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Number plates security

In recent years it has become apparent that numberplate security needs attention. With the advent of both number plate theft and cloning - many motorists are falling victim to this new type of crime and there seems to be little if any prevention currently in place

Number plates are a very important part of a vehicle- they legally identify it to the government and the law - but mostly number plates aren't recognised as being so important and valuable - that is until your plates are stolen...

Stolen number plates is a serious problem in the UK - armed with a screwdriver- a criminal can literally steal as many numberplates as he wishes; affix them to his own vehicles and commit crimes.

The DVLA are slowly realising that Number plate security is lacking and something needs to change in the first instance to prevent the theft and re-use of number plates.

Secureplate has been created as a destructible numberplate - once affixed to a vehicle, a secureplate number plate cannot be removed without destroying the plate itself- but with so many vehicles in the UK not sporting Secureplates it seems such technology may take years to catch on

Secure number plate fixings might be the answer to this in the short term. By replacing the screws or bolts which currently hold your numberplate - with secure fixings- you can again ensure that removal of a number plate from a vehicle can only take place by destroying the number plate itself.

Replacing fixings in the UK would be an easier and cheaper thing to do- but again the scale of number plate crime and the number of vehicles on the roads means it could be many years before this is an effective prevention method.