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1 - We were the first

We are the first number plate classifieds website in the UK - we began trading in 2006 and were the first to offer an affordable alternative to number plate dealers and eBay

2 - We're the best

Well - in our opinion at least!

We operate some of the most recognisable number plate brands online and on mobile - if you are looking to advertise your number plate privately then you need Number Plate Classifieds

3 - We innovate

From the Number Plate Translator to the Number Plate Guide, to retention reminder SMS to the Number Plate Search Engine, unique advert URLs, keyword searching and so much more- we strive to bring you the best possible tools and service to buy and sell number plates

4 - We understand

This website began as a result of the founder purchasing 6 number plates with a view to selling them for profit - there was no alternative to number plate dealers at the time (which would have eroded the profits thanks to the commissions wanted) and so was born as an alternative to number plate dealers - and we've never looked back

5 - 5M+ number plate searches

Number Plate Classifieds has been established for over 10 years. As such an established website to buy and sell number plates, we have a large number of website visitors and a large search volume. Very large in fact. 5,323,074 searches were conducted in 2016 for example; that's 14,584 searches per day - that's 10 searches a minute, every minute for every minute of the entire year. Large search volume means the adverts on our site are seen by more people, more often which is exactly what our advertisers want. These numbers demonstrate that Number Plate Classifieds is used by a large number of people and search engines to search for number plates to buy.- exactly the people our advertisers are looking to reach.

6 - We're affordable

No commissions. Just adverts - that was our promise when we started and it still is today. Advertise with us and pay once and that's it . Don't pay to relist, don't pay commissions, you don't even pay a tip or service charge - it's one fee and you're all set

7 - We're here to stay

Having already traded since 2006 we've seen some websites which imitate our offering (and even our wording and graphics...) come and go - but Number Plate Classifieds is here to stay. We are committed to making number plates better for everyone and won't rest until the job is done!

8 - Oh, and we have apps

If you want to reach a growing mobile audience with your classified advert, or if you want to translate a word into a number plate combination , or search the main number plate dealers in one go - then our ground breaking apps are there to help.