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Number plate history - the history of number plates

There are some key dates in the history of number plates and personalised registrations in the UK.

Here is a brief timeline of key events which have helped the number plate market and industry evolve to what it has become today.

1896 - Locomotive and highways Act

  • enabled faster and lighter vehicles to be used on the roads

1903 - The Motor Car act

  • All vehicles need to be registered and display their registration number in a prominent position.
  • County Councils and County Borough Councils were made Registration and Licensing Authorities
  • A1 - the first number plate is issued to Earl Russell.

1920 - The roads act

  • Car buyers must notify local council when they buy a car

1930 - Road Traffic act

  • Abolished speed limits for vehicles with less than 7 passengers
  • Varying speed limits for different sizes / classes of vehicle

1963 - Suffix number plates released

1971 - CNDA is established

1973 - First Number plate rally held

  • Reflective number plates a legal requirement

1974 - DVLC is formed

  • Old style log books (VE60) are computerised

1977 - RNC Registration Numbers Club is founded

1984 - Prefix number plates released

1991 - Non transferable number plates

  • The DVLA removed any incentive for making "bogus" claims for transferring registration numbers

1993 - K1NGS fetches £233,000 at DVLA auction

1999 - Two number plate changes in the year (March and September) instead of once a year.

2001 - "Current style number plates released"

2008 - F prefix number plates released