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Full information about transferring and retaining number plates can be found on the website:

What is number plate transfer?

Number plate transfer is the act of legally transferring a numberplate from one vehicle to another with the DVLA.

Transferring a number plate from retention to a vehicle is known as assignment- please refer to our retention guide

Can I transfer a number plate?

Firstly- you need to be the registered keeper of the donor vehicle in order to transfer the registration number it carries.

Secondly- the number plate needs to be transferrable. There are some number plates that the DVLA deem non transferrable for a number of reasons.

Read more in our how to transfer a number plate guide

How much does it cost?

To transfer a number plate from vehicle to vehicle costs £80 at the time of writing- for more information see our DVLA fees section.

How long does it take?

Transferring a numberplate from vehicle to vehicle can officially take up to 4 weeks to complete- but we generally find 10 working days as a typical turn around time.