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DVLA auctions

The DVLA hold up to 6 number plate auctions each year at many different- and often picturesque locations.

With approx 2000 lots at each auction; the action is spread over 2-3 days and is attended by a few hundred number plate enthusiasts / dealers and the general public.

All lots are presented in alphabetical order and each lot has a reserve price - set by the DVLA.

DVLA auctions are operated by Premier auctions - they were first appointed in 2001 as the official auctioneer- and had their license extended for a further 5 years in 2006.

To bid in a DVLA auction you need to register your interest which can be done at the DVLA Registrations website- from here you can download the .PDF auction catalogue which provides full details of the registrations offered for sale and how the DVLA auction process works.

DVLA auctions cater for all budgets and styles of plates- but it wasn't always this way; The DVLA used to separate the lower priced numbers into the "Custom Marks" auction and the higher priced number plated into the more prestigious "Classic Collection".

How to bid

There are four ways to bid and take part in a DVLA number plate auction

In person

You can bid in person at the DVLA auction - get a feel for the event and soak up the tension as you bid for some great number plates.

By telephone

You may bid over the telephone for any lots which you have notified the DVLA you wish to bid on- a member of the auction team will keep you on the phone whilst the bidding is underway and advise the auctioneer of any bids you wish to place.

By Post

You can write to the DVLA auction team and indicate your maximum bid for a lot- they will bear this in mind when the bidding takes place and bid up to your maximum amount

Over the net

The wonders of technology! - You can sign into special online bidding software and bid live online for all lots - although any loss of internet connection could prove troublesome (!)

Bidding increments.

Bidding at a DVLA auction increases in £50 multiples until the price reaches £1000 - the bidding then increases at £100 intervals.

Hammer Price

When bidding its worth noting there are two prices- the Hammer price is the amount you have bid for a particular registration number in order to win the lot.

This price is somewhat insignificant as the final hammer price indicates how much money you will actually part with.

Final hammer price?

The final hammer price at the DVLA auction is always subject to the following additional charges:

VAT* 20% of hammer price
Buyers Premium 7% of hammer price
VAT* on Buyers Premium 20% of hammer price
Assignment fee £80 See DVLA fees guide

* VAT correct at time of writing