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The DVLA of Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency is an executive agency of the Department of transport.

The DVLA was established to maintain central and accurate details and registers of drivers and vehicles in the UK- as well as collect Vehicle Excise duty (car tax) and help support road safety.

The DVLA provide a central resource for many other parts of the government such as the Police and Home Office to help with crime detection and prevention.

With offices in Swansea- the DVLA is supported by local DVLA offices that collectively help with the registration and administration of millions of vehicles and number plates each year.

An Executive Agency

As an executive agency for the Department of Transport- the DVLA is accountable to the secretary of state, ministers, parliament and ultimately the public.

Each year a business plan and set of objectives is established to ensure the DVLA continues to follow its core values and maintain its levels of growth, achievement and service.

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