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What is number plate investment?

With the increasing demand for personalised number plates the value of the more desirable combinations has increased. As all number plates are unique there is only one opportunity to purchase a combination of a numberplate - with this in mind demand for popular combinations drives up the potential value.

Why invest in number plates?

Possibly the only "fun investment" buying and selling personalised number plates allows you to also use and enjoy the plates whilst you hold them

Is there money to be made investing in number plates?

Like anything there is money to be made but you need to know your stuff! You will need a good budget and knowledge of personalised number plates to make the most of any opportunity.

How can I invest in number plates?

Investing in number plates is a specialised activity- clearly anyone can buy a number plate for sale but to buy a numberplate that will appreciate in value takes careful consideration.

We recommend purchasing number plates with wide and lasting appeal- namely

  • Dateless number plates with 4 or fewer digits e.g. B 23
  • Popular name number plates e.g. J4MES
  • Popular word number plates e.g. H3LLO

We also recommend avoiding the following:

  • Irish number plates e.g. ANZ2454
  • Number plates requiring illegal fonts or spacing e.g. H1 2 YOU
  • "look a like" number plates e.g J4MFS

Our top tips for number plate investment

Do your homework

Choosing the number plate you wish to buy is the hardest part- you need to think about which combinations will have wide and lasting appeal and why. Number plates with popular names or funny words are an increasingly safer bet than very specialised combinations.

Buy direct- save money (don't use number plate dealers)

If you buy a plate from a dealer you are paying their commission- try to buy direct as you'll get a better price and better any potential profit.

Think long term

Buying and selling number plates for profit is not a quick buck. You will need to have your money invested in the plate for perhaps a year or two before selling it for a profit becomes viable


You can use the number plate you have bought as an investment- so transfer it to your car and enjoy it!