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New Thinking Ltd

New Thinking Ltd is the name of our trading company.

Prior to that, the company was called Smashing Plates Ltd and the old URL for this website was When we launched in 2006 we were the first number plate classifieds website in the UK.

Our ultimate goal is to make number plates more fun and more accessible to everyone- Our apps and websites are designed for those with zero number plate knowledge adn exist to save time, money and remove some of the mystery of number plates.

Number Plate Classifieds

Number Plate Classifieds is the trading style we use for our number plate advertising website.

We are the first, the oldest and the leading number plate classifieds website in the UK - the first to introduce new concepts such as:

  • Paying once to advertise until your plate sells.
  • Number plate keyword searching
  • Unique number plate adverts URLS

...and so much more.

We rebranded from to Number Plate Classifieds to make it more obvious to visitors what the website actually does as Smashing Plates was not as clear...

Number Plate Translator

The Number Plate Translator is our ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind app which translates words into actual legal number plate combinations - and then searches the leading number plates dealers (including Number Plate Classifieds of course) to see if any of the combinations are available for sale.

It has been well received and continues to help thousands of people every month search for their ideal number plate combination.

Number Plate Search engine

The Number Plate Search Engine is our second ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind app which searches the leading number plate dealers in the UK to help potential buyers find the number plate they seek.

With so many different dealers the app is a convenient one stop shop for anyone wishing to search for a number plate

Number Plate Valuations

We have been offering unbiased and no obligation number plate valuations since 2008 - each valuation is emailed within 48hrs (unless we are extremely busy) and comes with a free upgrade to a premier advert if you choose to advertise with us as an added bonus.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or ideas we would absolutely love to hear from you - please contact us